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Our Mission

To consciously integrate a regenerative community lifestyle that enables individual purpose and inspires a meaningful healthy life in harmony with the earth.

As humanity awakens to the crumbling systems that have resulted to the suffering of humans and our planet, a unique calling speaks to the shift in our awareness. Each one of us was given a purpose, a gift we were born to discover that brings forth the fulfillment of our being. These gifts are the creation blocks of the New Earth that our higher selves seek to create. Sacred Nectar Sanctuary is a space holder for these new ways of being to Integrate our visions into reality. We are grid holders of a new vibration. Those who no longer agree to with the broken systems and have dedicated their lives to developing an alternative. We are here to establish a new matrix outside the one we have been born into. One to raise our children in an awareness and mindset we were not given ourselves. We hold strong a new frequency of a mindful, coherent heart and an intention to heal what no longer serves humanity. We exercise authentic humility, vulnerability, and healthy truth seeking, to rise together in common unity as a beacon of light as we illuminates the path of our hearts for others to rise into.

The drive behind Sacred Nectar Sanctuary is nothing new to the world. What we aim to become has been successfully achieved many times in all parts of the world and rapidly expanding. The shift is not easy work and it is continuous growth, however people that live in these places say the resulting way of life brings a depth and meaning to life that fills their hearts in places they previously felt void. The old ways are now reaching the end as the old way is leading to the sixth global extinction. The systems we allow to have power over us will drive those who blindly follow to its collapse. We are here to provide the exit out of collective insanity and create the change we wish to see.


2022 Goals:

  • ​​Begin hosting a children's program to start the path to our nature education  center.

  • Host a workshop for building in-ground root cellar.

  • Fence in the vegetable garden.

  • Fence in fields for animals to replace  machine mowing.

  • Build a barn/ seed starting room/ walk in cooler for storing market vegetables.

  • Harvest downed trees and process into lumber with our gifted sawmill. Thank you so much Donors!

  • Establish walking trail system, signs and map.

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