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Celebrating the Harvest Information


Most of our gatherings here have been highly prepared for. This gathering was a late decision as we recognize how important coming together frequently is for everyone. This will be more of a community built event as far as making food and the sharing of workshops. We do not plan to have a full schedule of events but rather intend to open a space for more connection and unfoldment of things naturally. With prior gatherings there seems to be a need for more free time to integrate with one another. This gathering will be a very relaxed space to BE with one another. We encourage you to bring your instruments and play when you feel it is right <3


Guidelines For Attendance


Our intentions for these gatherings are to create a ceremony for life, a family oriented opportunity to tune in to our collective shift, build our foundation of intentional community in alignment with nature, and to develop authentic expressions of love.


In the sacred container of gathering together, we celebrate our unique individual gifts, allow freedom and expression of play and imagination, create space for healing, enjoyment, inspiration, and the opportunity to connect with like-minds.  We also provide education, knowledge and ancient wisdom around living a more regenerative, sustainable, healthy, and wholesome lifestyle.


The guidelines below encompass our intentions and help us to create a safe space where we can show up fully as ourselves. Please commit to doing your best at maintaining the guidelines.


  • Tickets & Entry

    • No pre registration necessary.

    • Upon arriving at Sacred Nectar please stop at the REGISTRATION STATION to pay via Cash, Check, Venmo, or PayPal along with signing the waiver.

    • Suggested Donation is $55-$222, These funds help to support the creation of a community building to host retreat and workshop space that allows our extended community to share their gifts with others as we expand our beings and create the future we wish to see!


  • Address: 222 Whiteface Intervale Rd North Sandwich NH 03259


Alcohol and Smoking policy


Alcohol:  No alcohol allowed on the land. 1st offense, we will give you a verbal warning during an accountability meeting with the Core Team.  2nd offense, you will be asked to leave OR you can hand over alcohol until the Gathering is complete. We call this an “Intentional Gathering,” and we want to honor our intentions, the space we are trying to cultivate, and we ask that you respect it by following these guidelines, and not bring alcohol to the land. 

Smoking: There will be a delegated specific altar area. We ask that you refrain from smoking near or around any of the public areas to provide the cleanest environment for our families. Our relationships with plants can be held sacred when we use our conscious intention.

  • Food Preparations

    • Bring your own bowl/plate/cup/utensil/water bottle!

    • Bring your own food and snacks for your stay, we ask you bring ingredients to supply volunteer chefs, or even better, a dish or two to add to potluck style dinners.

    • The Community Kitchen will be available for your use. If you have a camp stove it will help keep the kitchen from being overwhelmed, we also have fire pits to be utilized for cooking as well.

    • Bring your own cooler.  We will have blocks of ice available for coolers if yours melts.

    • The closest store is about 30 minutes away, so try and pack everything you need.

*** We do have a resident bear.  Please keep your food either in a cooler in your car or tied up in a tree! ***


  • Camping

    • Tent camping in the field is available as part of the ticket price. Trailers and campers are welcome as well as we have unlimited space.  There are no hook-ups available.

    • We have 6 Private Sites currently (9/20) that will be open if you wish to be further from the group at night. These are limited and must be booked soon if you wish to secure a spot. Please call Nick @ (603)707-7220 to reserve a site

  • Parking

    • If you are camping in the field, you can park at your tent location.



  • Trash/Recycling

    • This is a carry-in carry-out event, please do your best to create minimal waste and take what you create out with you. 

    • To minimize waste, we are asking that you please do not bring any single use plastics to this event.

    • There will be compost bins by the community kitchen and by the whimsical warehouse where you can put your leftover food scraps. 


  • General Info

    • Quiet time hours are 12pm Friday and Saturday, 10pm Sunday 

    • There is an outdoor shower available for use in the back of the community kitchen.

    • There are outhouses near the warehouse and near the fairy forest. There is a composting outhouse past the community kitchen on the left, across from the outdoor stage. 

    • Our well water is delicious and available for use.  You can refill near the porch of The Community House.  You’ll see a blue painted “Water” sign. (remember your reusable water bottle!!)

    • The Community House is for SNS residents ONLY.  Please respect their space and do not go inside unless invited in.  

    • We have campfire wood available at the Registration Station.

    • Please feel free to walk around the land, utilizing our hiking trails and field trails.    There is a lot to explore!!


Boundaries and Expectations: Embrace The Higher self


Partial Tolerance (with potential to heal):  Partial Tolerance allows you to remain at The Gathering as long as there is an openness for listening, learning and a potential for healing.  


1st offense - A verbal accountability meeting with the Core Team.  

2nd offense - You will be asked to leave the Gathering.


  • Any crossing of physical or emotional boundaries that were not intended to cause harm with an openness and willingness to learn and heal.

  • Any crossing of sexual boundaries that were not intended to cause harm with an openness and willingness to learn and heal.  

  • Unintentional harm of animals and/or land with an open desire to learn and gain knowledge.  

  • Any type of interruption of ceremonial spaces with an openness and willingness to learn and heal.  


Zero Tolerance:  You will be asked to leave the Gathering by the Core Team if the following has occurred:


If your behavior results as a safety concern, such as physical aggression (like grabbing, pushing, etc.), stealing of any kind, discrimination of any kind, any form of sexual abuse, any form of child abuse, heavy drug use, intentional harm to animals and/or the land. 

If there is a situation that blurs the lines of these boundaries and expectations, the Core Team has the right to make a decision based on the information they have, and will ask someone to leave the gathering if they feel it’s necessary. 


Email with any questions!

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