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 Sacred Nectar Sanctuary  has been featured In Outside Magazine as best in state along with being named 3rd best camp site in the country by We have over 400 written reviews while maintaining 100% satisfaction. We strive to shift away from the mainstream campground experience to offer the most nature immersed and magical experience possible.

Camper Reviews:

"This place destroyed me. I arrived feeling attached to the comforts of civilization and reluctantly stepping into the wild. Thinking "disconnected" meant turning off the wifi. No, disconnected means not being HERE. In the mountains, among the trees, feeling the sun, the rain, the wind, the cold night, the warm fire. Connected to nature.

The pictures are gorgeous, yet they do not even begin to show the beauty of this site. The price hints at some value yet is ridiculously low. The description sparks the imagination. But you have to be there to know."

"Really great collection of sites, can tell a lot of thought was put into the experience. Nick was a great host and really went above and beyond to make us feel welcome. Highly recommended!"

"As mentioned many times before, this is a magical place. So amazing to hang out here - by far, the most scenic property / Hipcamp we've been to in New England. Nick has put serious time and effort into making this a unique place, and we thank him for being such a great host. Excited for his vision of the future - highly recommend, and want to go back already!"

"Wonderful find. The way we think camping ought to be. My kids have learned to loathe port-a-potties, but my 4 yr old says now he likes them after using the one at Sacred Nectar. It's obviously a labor of love for Nick. My teenager said this was one of the top 2 campsites we have ever been to, and he is not impressed by much (since he is too cool for the world.) I will return again for sure."

"Second year at Sacred Nectar and we're hooked! I don't think you'll find a more beautiful camping spot in the state, plus the friendliest folks."

" I arrived to the sanctuary on a gorgeous spring day and was very pleasantly greeted by Natal and Nick at the entrance who instantly made me feel welcome and at home on the beautiful farm property. My first camping trip of the year, first visit here, excitement building as I winded and meandered up the dirt road in my outback wondering what beauty was around each corner, following stacks of rocks and colorful signs. Quickly recognizing the sacredness and magic of this place, I tried to slowly take it all in. I was amazed to discover the pure serenity and spectacular views at my site. It honestly took my breath away as I climbed up the levels of rocks and was filled with giddiness and gratitude for being there. It was hard deciding which incredible spot to set up my tent, but figured I would just book again and sleep in each spot! The swirling winds through the mountains, the morning chorus of birds, the sunrise, the owls to calling each other in the night... all brought me to a blissful place. Thank you for sharing this sacred land with me and my friends. We feel so blessed and appreciative to have been able to enjoy it."

"Sacred Nectar exceeded our expectations - such a truly magical, unique place to camp. The very large site had breathtaking views, amazing secret pathways to explore, the best outhouse ever, and was quiet/private. SO appreciative of Nick for all the hard work he put into creating these and for his willingness to share them. We'll def be back!"

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