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Thank you for looking to be apart of a collective dream!

Currently We are stepping back from accepting anyone into our work stay programs as we develop deeper into our internal organization and foundation. Becoming apart of what we do here is a long slow process. Living here is like entering a marriage and is not to be rushed.  It begins with a hello, a few dates, and if things feel aligned with both parties it may continue to grow.

What its like to stay with us!

Hello and welcome to Sacred Nectar Sanctuary (SNS).  We are in the infant stages of developing our goals to become a blueprint of a new way of being. We are Looking for dedicated like minds who are endlessly working on themselves to become our highest potential.  A successful experience for both of us depends a lot on cooperation and clear expectations.  Please read this agreement as it should answer most of your questions about the experience ahead of you.  If you still have questions, please let us know.  We ask that you fill out a Work Stay Questionnaire before we accept to any agreements.


About Sacred Nectar Sanctuary

SNS is located in the town of North Sandwich, New Hampshire.  The property is 280 acres on a variety of terrains.  Most of the property borders the White Mountain National Forest and conservation lands.  There are vegetable beds, fruit trees, berry patches, chickens, herb gardens, ponds, brooks and forest.  We have 7 rustic campsites and hiking trails. Wifi and cell services are good but spotty with Verizon providing the best service.  There is Wifi at the house under Kathy1.  Ask one of the residents for the password.


Town of Sandwich, NH

Sandwich is a small town of approximately 1300 residents.  There are craft shops, a coffee shop and a restaurant in the center of town which is 8 miles from SNS.  The closest gas stations and grocery stores are between 20 and 30 minutes away. 

Sandwich is known for its quiet beauty.  Recreation includes hiking, fishing, biking, kayaking, skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing. 


Length of Stay

Your length of stay is scheduled for the dates agreed upon during the initial discussions.  You may always leave early but we ask that you give us at least a week of advance notice.  

If you are unable to meet these obligations or follow the rules of the house, you will be asked to leave earlier than the stated end date.  If you wish to stay longer than the agreed upon end date, please make your interest known to us.  If scheduling allows and there is room we will do our best to accommodate your request.


Description of Work

WorkAwayers enter into a personalized one on one contract agreement, that matches both your personal needs of fulfillment and the communities needs for assistance, in exchange for staple food, use of an outdoor kitchen and a campsite with nearby shower and toilet facilities. The work schedule will be figured out with you upon arrival.  Your projects depend on the time of year.  We have garden projects, building projects, cooking, road and trail upkeep, painting, vehicle maintenance,  firewood splitting and stacking, help with our campground and the general upkeep and maintenance of the homestead.  We will go over your specific daily tasks and projects at our orientation meeting.   



  • Stay ALIGNED








  • Take safety precautions at all times on the property.  If you are not comfortable doing something, please let us know.

  • No hard drugs or excessive drinking at any time.  

  • Observe Quiet Times from 10PM to 8AM.

  • Keep any common areas clean at all times.

  • Work hard, Play hard.  Go explore the area.  It’s a pretty amazing place.

  • If you want to invite a visitor, you must follow the visitor policy.



You will be given a campsite to park a small camper, van, or place your tent. We have an outdoor kitchen with a full size refrigerator and two burner hot plate.  You can also cook at your campsite.  In the main house we have laundry facilities.  Our outdoor shower has heated water.  There is also an outhouse for your use as our older septic system is not able to handle a large number of people.



You are responsible for your own transportation.  If you bring your own car, you can park it at your campsite.  Arrangements can be made for us to pick you up at a bus stop.



You are responsible for your own medical expenses.  We do not provide medical insurance.


Recommended Personal Items to Bring

Clothing:  work clothes for both hot and cold weather.  Rain gear. Sun hat and bug hat if desired.  Close-toed work shoes, work gloves, swim suit


Tent/sleeping bag

Personal toiletries/sunscreen/bug dope

Yoga mat/musical instruments/hiking gear


Things we supply

First aid kit

Garden tools

Food staples and food from our garden

WorkAwayers pay for all their own personal items. 

Things not to bring

We are very conscious here about the products we use the vibration of what we put into/onto our bodies as it is what we become. Bug spay with DEET is not allowed. Heavy chemical soaps and shampoos are also not allowed and we ask for only organic bathroom products as our grey water goes into our soil. We also ask that you be mindful of bringing processed food into the atmosphere here. Of course indulging in your favorite treat will not be demonized. We take great pride in providing the healthiest organic meals possible.


Community Dinner

Dinners are a chance to relax and have some fun and get to know everyone. Volunteers will be asked to help take turns participating in cooking community dinners guided by a community member.

Contact Information

Nick Thorndike: cell 603-707-7220

Address: 222 Whiteface Intervale Road, North Sandwich, NH 03259

Email address:


Mission Statement.


To consciously integrate a regenerative community lifestyle that enables individual purpose and inspires a meaningful healthy life in harmony with the earth.




 As our new purpose is shown to us through the breakdown of the old,  Sacred Nectar Sanctuary will serve as a place to share and develop our knowledge and skills of living with new intentions in harmony with our heart, each other, and the earth.  


By building earth integrated eco friendly housing with recycled products, earth, and many other sustainable materials, we can teach each other about sustainable building while providing a home base for visitors and leaders to share their knowledge and skills through workshops and retreats. 


To develop a strong common unity vision that our local townspeople and leaders can stand behind to allow alternative thinking and management around the way we function as a community. We are to be a model for a balanced, heart filled community. 


A children’s nature based education center will provide an opportunity for our youth to discover life as an integrated part of the whole, while supporting individuality, spiritual connection to the earth, and a meaningful life. 


A large eco friendly community building with showers, commercial kitchen, wood shop, art studio, and attached greenhouse cafe with space to host workshops up to 60 people is a big focus to give a large opportunity to many functions on the land and give space to socially connect to each other and provide resources to create.


We are establishing a regenerative organic farming operation to feed locals and allow volunteer work exchange for people around the world.


By providing events for local craftsmen, herbalists, musicians, builders, healers, artists, and small business owners we create  a place to share their gifts, and allow the space to make meaningful connections and regain our power within our local economy and community.


Forest gardens, informative nature walks, hiking, meditation paths, and natural playgrounds will allow for a joyful retreat submersed in nature.


This perfect location is backed against the White Mountain National Forest and provides very easy access to many trails that will benefit a variety of nature and foraging classes that we will host.


 Sacred Nectar’s goal is to provide a place that inspires a spiritual connection and encourages us to seek the truth in all belief systems. By bringing back the traditions of the native people to the land we can return back into the frequency of the earth and regain a symbiotic relationship with our planet.

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